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Position in GNSS Geodesy

The Geophysics Laboratory at the University of Luxembourg is seeking to expand its high-precision GNSS research and announces a vacancy in this field.

The research post is associated with a three-year project in the area of high-precision Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) monitoring of global deformations and surface mass loading. The project will provide state-of-the-art position solutions and time series for applications in geodynamics, climate change and oceanography. The activities involve the

- reprocessing of a global GNSS data set,
- combination of independent reprocessed global GNSS solutions,
- analysis of position time series and
- inference of changes in the Earth’s shape and surface mass loading.

Much of the project-related research will be carried out in parallel to planned activities within the International GNSS Service (IGS) and its Tide Gauge Benchmark Monitoring (TIGA) working group which will provide the state-of-the art GNSS solutions for the combination process.

Candidates will have a background in geodesy, geophysics, mathematics or physics and should be highly familiar with scientific GNSS and/or combination software, particularly the Bernese and Tanya software packages.  Further application requirements include knowledge of the Linux operating system, scripting and programming languages. Fluency in spoken and written English is a must and knowledge of German or French is considered a bonus.

Applications from post-doctoral researchers are strongly encouraged. However, doctoral candidates demonstrating experience with the mentioned software packages may also be considered.

The University of Luxembourg is an equal opportunities employer, offers a personal, dynamic, multilingual and multicultural environment with a strong focus on research. The Geophysics Laboratory is formed by a team of three professors, post-doctoral and doctoral researchers, and has an excellent publication record.

The proposed project starting date is 1st April 2012 but this can be slightly postponed.

The official job announcement will be made early in 2012 with a deadline for applications likely to be around 31st January 2012.

For informal enquiries please contact Dr Norman Teferle: norman dot teferle at uni dot lu.    

Felix Norman Teferle
Professor of Geodesy

Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication
University of Luxembourg
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