[unav_all] IUGG2011, IAG Symposium G07 on High Precision GNSS

Neilan, Ruth E (3300) ruth.e.neilan at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Jan 10 17:23:21 MST 2011

Author: Ruth Neilan
Subject: IUGG2011, IAG Symposium G07 on High Precision GNSS

Dear Colleagues,

The XXV IUGG General Assembly will be held in Melbourne, Australia,
28 June - 7 July 2011:


We would like to draw your attention and encourage you to contribute to
IAG Symposia (http://www.iugg2011.com/program-iag.asp) and in particular
G07 Symposium entitled: High Precision GNSS.
The scope of the G07 Symposium is appended below.

Please be aware of the following deadlines:

17th January 2011:
Applicants for Conference grants must submit their abstract by this date.

1st February 2011:
All Other Delegates must submit their abstract by this NEW, REVISED date.

28th March 2011
Authors notified of paper acceptance;
Successful Conference grant applicants notified.

11th April 2011
Early Bird Registration deadline;
Presenters and successful grant applicants MUST register by this date
or their papers will be withdrawn from the program.


Looking forward to your contribution to this IAG Symposia and wishing you a Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year 2011! See you down under!

with best regards,

The conveners of IAG G07 Symposium:
Ruth Neilan (United States of America)
Yang Gao (Canada)
Gary Johnston (Australia)

G07 - High Precision GNSS

Scope: High-precision GPS has been applied to support numerous applications in the past decade. At least three other Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are in different phases of development and are expected to be fully operational within the next years. Novel technologies are needed to address the opportunities and challenges to enhance the accuracy, availability and integrity of high precision GNSS applications. The symposium concentrates on research to identify important problems in high-precision GNSS and develop methods and technologies to support high-precision GNSS applications. The topics include optimal use of signals from multiple GNSS systems, improved error modelling and mitigation methodologies, quality control and integrity monitoring, differential GNSS RTK and precise point positioning, novel use of precise orbit/clock products and GNSS network infrastructures, cost-effective high-precision GNSS applications.

Ruth E. Neilan
International GNSS Service - Central Bureau
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
tel: 818-354-8330, fax: 818-354-8545
mobile: 818-319-2400
ruth.neilan at jpl.nasa.gov<mailto:ruth.neilan at jpl.nasa.gov>

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