[unav_all] Announcement: upcoming Polar Geodesy / Seismology conference sessions

Matt King m.a.king at newcastle.ac.uk
Fri Jan 14 07:23:40 MST 2011


Please note the upcoming deadlines for submissions to two sessions of interest to those working in polar environments, including POLENET.

IUGG General Assembly, Melbourne, Australia,	28 June - 7 July 2011
J-G02: Application of Geodetic Techniques in Cryospheric Studies (Conveners: Reinhard Dietrich and Matt King)
Scope: Geodetic techniques provide a variety of excellent possibilities to contribute to fundamental scientific questions related to the cryosphere. Main topics of research are the mass balance of ice sheets, the contribution of the continental ice to sea level rise as well as the dynamics of glaciers, ice shelves and sub-glacial lakes.

During this symposium, the latest results based on satellite missions like GRACE, ICESat, ENVISAT, ALOS and others shall be presented. In addition, other interesting geodetic applications of airborne methods and ground-based observation techniques related to glaciological research are welcome. Studies reporting geodetic constraints on ice sheet history, such as via measurement of glacial isostatic adjustment, are also encouraged.

The abstract deadline is Tuesday, 1 February 2011, for grant applicants is Monday, 17 January 2011.
For details, please see http://www.iugg2011.com.
11th International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences
Observation and modelling of POLENET data (Convenor: Matt King)

During the IPY, and in the time that have followed, dozens of new continuous GPS and seismic stations have been deployed across Antarctica and Greenland. The new GPS data promise new constraints on models of glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA) - ice history and Earth model - through precise surface velocity measurements. As well as yielding new insights into ice mass changes since the LGM, the new GIA models are urgently needed in order to understand present-day ice mass change using data from GRACE. The new seismic data will allow unprecedented imaging of the Earth's interior beneath Antarctica, placing new constraints on Earth rheology amongst many others. This session welcomes those working on all areas relating to POLENET data - from pre-deployment technology development through to raw data analysis and then modelling the seismic and surface velocity observations. Application of improved models to larger scale problems are welcome, including application of GIA models to GRACE time series to derive ice mass balance estimates.

The abstract deadline is 31st March 2011. For details, please see http://www.isaes2011.org.uk/

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