[unav_all] Tectonic Geodesy and Earthquakes: IUGG joint symposium J-G06

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to our symposium, Tectonic  
Geodesy and Earthquakes: IUGG joint symposium J-G06, at the  XXV IUGG  
General Assembly will be held in Melbourne, Australia, 28 June - 7  
July 2011. The IUGG will allow each author to make two presentations,  
and there are several other symposia of possible interest, so please  
browse around on the website for more information.

The abstract deadline is Tuesday, 1 February 2011. Authors will be  
notified of acceptance by March 28. Presenting Author and Early bird  
registration deadline is April 11. One of the authors will be required  
to pre-register for the meeting in order to ensure their abstract(s)  
is included in the final program. Deadline for author registration is  
11 April 2011.

The IUGG program is on the web:

Organiser: IAG
Co-Sponsors: IASPEI
Lead Convenors: David D. Jackson (United States of America), Jeff  
Freymueller (United States of America)
Co-Convenors: Valentin Mikhailov (Russia)

Scope: Geodetic techniques including GPS, InSAR, LIDAR, and others  
have been used to estimate coseismic displacements from earthquakes  
and to model the deformation and stress accumulation leading to future  
earthquakes. In this session we will consider all aspects of geodesy  
as applied in earthquake studies. Important questions to be addressed  
include these: How unique are the estimates of co-seismic slip  
distribution? How deep does co-seismic slip penetrate? Why do geodetic  
and geologic methods often give differing estimates of fault slip  
rates? Can a combination of seismic, geodetic, and geologic  
deformation measurements constrain the rheology of rocks in seismic  
zones? Can tectonic moment rates derived from geodetic strain be used  
to infer long term seismic strain rates? Do temporal variations in  
strain rates effectively portend future earthquakes?

Keywords: Coseismic displacements, deformation measurements, stress  

Review: All contributed abstracts will be reviewed by the Convenors

Options: Contributed papers are optionally oral or poster presentations

To submit an abstract:

The Abstract template is available on the web:

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