[unav_all] AGU session on "magmatic plumbing systems"

Helge Gonnermann helge at rice.edu
Mon Jul 11 22:41:50 MDT 2011

Dear colleagues,

We would like to bring our Fall 2011 AGU session on "magmatic plumbing systems" to your attention and invite abstract submissions to this session.

Yours sincerely,
Helge Gonnermann, Claude Jaupart, Mark Jellinek, Mike Poland

V14. Magmatic plumbing systems
This session focuses on the mechanics and dynamics of magma ascent over time scales relevant to the formation and evolution of magmatic plumbing systems. Topics of interest include magma accumulation within the zone of partial melting, focusing of magma flow into sub-volcanic plumbing systems, magma accumulation and dynamics within magma storage systems and upward flow toward the Earth’s surface. We invite abstract submissions that are based on observational, theoretical or modeling approaches.

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