[unav_all] Call: Kinematic GPS abstracts for Fall AGU geodesy session

Theresa.Diehl at noaa.gov Theresa.Diehl at noaa.gov
Wed Jul 20 17:27:37 MDT 2011

Dear colleagues,
Are you working on precise kinematic GPS (or GPS+IMU) processing techniques that may be of interest to the airborne gravity community? If so, please consider submitting an abstract for the Fall AGU meeting session G02: "Airborne Gravimetry, Advances and Applications", details below. 

Tom Herring, from MIT, has agreed to give an invited talk on kinematic GPS for use in airborne gravimetry for the session and we'd love to have other presentations along this same line of research. Kinematic GPS/GPS+IMU data collection and processing methods that produce both accurate positions and accelerations are of interest to the airborne gravity community, which uses GPS-derived accelerations to remove aircraft motion from airborne gravity measurements. 

Abstract submission deadline for the AGU meeting is August 4th.

Thanks for your consideration!

Session G02: Airborne Gravimetry: Advances and Applications

Sponsor: Geodesy (G)
Co-Sponsor(s): Cryosphere (C), Earth and Planetary Surface Processes (EP), Near Surface Geophysics (NS), Tectonophysics (T), Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology (V)

Theresa Diehl
NOAA- National Geodetic Survey
theresa.diehl at noaa.gov

Tom Jordan
British Antarctic Survey
tomj at bas.ac.uk

Description: Airborne gravimetry has experienced a renaissance as a technique for geophysical and geodetic studies. The airborne gravity community is developing better ways to use improved GPS accuracies and computation power to derive smaller error levels in airborne gravity. This session seeks talks on all aspects of modern airborne gravimetry addressing both the state of current research and our goals for the next decade. We encourage the following types of submissions: new methods in GPS and airborne gravity data collection and processing; comparisons of airborne gravity data with satellite and terrestrial gravity data; new gravity data error analysis; and applications of airborne gravity data for studies of Earth’s structure, composition, and shape.


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