[unav_all] DOGEx: Detections of Offsets in GPS time series Experiment [update]

Matt King m.a.king at newcastle.ac.uk
Tue Jul 26 10:23:51 MDT 2011

Author: Matt King and Simon Williams

This email is an update on the previously announced community experiment DOGEx (please note the web link to the dataset has been updated - see below). A number of groups are now working on the dataset and we have shown updated results at IUGG in Melbourne. The IUGG poster may be seen at ftp://stella.ncl.ac.uk/pub/matt/DOGEx_IUGG.pdf

If you would like to participate in the experiment, then please see the email below.

** Please also note, we are now welcoming in a separate category *non-automated* solutions of the same dataset - that is, ones performed by an expert user. 

DOGEx is designed to test automated offset detection algorithms and expert users against a known truth in the presence of realistic GPS timeseries signal, noise, offset frequency and gaps. DOGEx is a one-way blind experiment in that the actual offset times and magnitudes are not released with the site timeseries. The data set we supply is a simulated time series of daily NEU coordinates and the formal errors for 50 "sites".

The experiment is being run jointly by Matt King (Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; m.a.king at ncl.ac.uk) and Simon Williams (National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool, UK; sdwil at pol.ac.uk).

The data set and further information may be found at http://www.cost-es0701.geoenvi.org/working-groups/working-group-3
We look forward to hearing from you with solutions! Please circulate this email to other interested colleagues.

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