[unav_all] Fall AGU Session V10. Geophysical Observations of Stress-Strain Changes at Active Volcanoes

Diana Roman droman at dtm.ciw.edu
Thu Jun 9 15:50:16 MDT 2011

Dear Colleagues, 

We welcome your contributions to the following Fall 2011 AGU session.

For further information or questions on the session, please contact one
of the conveners listed below. Please note the NEW abstract submission
deadline of August 4. 

V10. Geophysical Observations of Stress-Strain Changes at Active

Recently, several new methods of measuring localized changes in crustal
stress and strain (deformation) have been applied to volcanoes with
promising results, and emerging models for systematic changes documented
through these methods link them to changes in crustal stress magnitude
and orientation produced by magma migration and/or expansion. The main
goal of this session is to highlight a wide range of observations of
phenomena that may be linked to temporal changes in stress and strain
and associated rock or magma properties at restless or active volcanoes,
including but not limited to temporal changes in seismicity, surface
deformation, gas emissions, microgravity, self-potential, and volcano


Diana Roman
Carnegie Institution of Washington - USA

Martha Savage
Victoria University of Wellington - New Zealand

Florent Brenguier
Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris - France

Yosuke Aoki
University of Tokyo - Japan

Diana C. Roman
Department of Terrestrial Magnetism
Carnegie Institution of Washington
5241 Broad Branch Road, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20015 USA
Email: droman at dtm.ciw.edu

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