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William Hammond whammond at unr.edu
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Dear Colleagues:  

Please consider the following session when submitting an abstract to the Fall AGU meeting:

G13: New Science Results from the EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory

Description: EarthScope is an ambitious, multifaceted program to investigate the structure, history, and dynamics of the North American continent. Its geodetic component, the Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO), has collected rich new datasets from its GPS stations, borehole instruments, laser strainmeters, tiltmeters, InSAR and LIDAR acquisitions. We invite contributions highlighting new discoveries based on analysis or modeling of PBO data that further the science objectives of EarthScope. Topics may include the seismic cycle; deformation of the western U.S. interior; time-dependent, aseismic, and volcanic/magmatic processes; innovative analyses and techniques; and integration with complementary geologic or geophysical data.

Session Details: http://sites.agu.org/fallmeeting/scientific-program/session-search/314

Note the abstract deadline is August 4, 2011.


Michael Brudzinski (brudzimr at muohio.edu)
Roland Burgmann (burgmann at seismo.berkeley.edu)
Bill Hammond (whammond at unr.edu)

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