[unav_all] PBO GPS position timeseries available in IGS08

Adrian Borsa borsa at unavco.org
Thu Jun 23 17:24:40 MDT 2011

UNAVCO would like to announce that the Plate Boundary Observatory's GPS position time series products are now available in IGS08, in addition to the IGS05 and SNARF 1.0 reference frames already implemented.  

Station time series (.pos) files for all three reference frames can be accessed via FTP at data-out.unavco.org/pub/products/position or through UNAVCO's Data Archive Interface at http://facility.unavco.org/data/dai2/dai2.html, with the new IGS08 reference frame identified by the "igs08" designation in the product filenames.  Alternatively, these and other PBO data products can be accessed from the PBO webpage at http://pbo.unavco.org/data/gps.

Please direct any questions or comments to Adrian Borsa, PBO Data Products Manager (borsa at unavco.org) or Christine Puskas, PBO Data Analyst (puskas at unavco.org).

Adrian Borsa
Data Products Manager
Plate Boundary Observatory, UNAVCO
303-381-7555 (work)
303-807-1248 (cell)
borsa at unavco.org

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