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As many of you know, there is great concern about the licensing of LIghtSquared to operate at radio frequencies that threaten to degrade GPS signals.  That this was advanced during the Christmas holidays when it could not be appropriately reviewed has fueled the problems.  Many of you have been sending good information, and I wanted to be sure that you all are aware of this issue.   There is a commercial licensing to LightSquared that threatens the integrity of widespread GPS reception.   I link some technical resources below.  

Freddy Blume who leads UNAVCO Development and Testing efforts has been tracking the technical issues.  It is clear that the interference is debilitating and that there are many major stakeholders with interests at risk. What is not yet clear is how this will all play out.

Despite unequivocal results from the agreed upon testing, various "work arounds" are being put forward and it is unclear how the political winds will blow.   

There is a private-public coalition that has advanced the case to evaluate the effects before proceeding, called "Save our GPS Coalition."  Recent activities appear to have compelled congressional hearings, but things are moving very quickly and opinions vary about whether the unimaginable result - one that would degrade or preclude so many government, civic, and private uses of GPS might prevail.

A good recent summary:

An article on LIghtSquared's current position on the testing that has been undertaken, and its request for a waiver on a process.

There are list serves that are tracking this issue, including CSRC and Save our GPS.  You might want to join me in asking Alan Leshner if AAAS could report on this issue in his weekly policy updates.  

Beyond that, we are receptive your requests for more information, to initiate an on-line discussion form, or other appropriate actions.



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