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Michel Van Camp mvc at oma.be
Fri Jun 24 12:32:26 MDT 2011

Dear Colleague,

Is it possible to make an announcement to UNAVCO members?
Thank you very much,
With best regards,
M. Van Camp.

O. de Viron, K. Heki, S. Mazzotti and M. Van Camp organize a session, 
which may be of interest for UNAVCO members.

      G18: Small is Beautiful - the Chase for Low Amplitude Signals

Presently, geodetic techniques allow measuring deformations or changes 
in ice caps, ground water, sea level at the mm/yr level, and gravity 
changes at the µGal/yr level. Challenges are to monitor changes at the 
0.1 mm/yr or sub-µGal/year levels, which is paramount to evidence subtle 
movement or mass variations. We solicit contributions dealing with the 
acquisition, interpretation, and modelling of small signals (like 
absolute and relative gravimetry, GNSS, InSAR, GRACE, tide gauge). We 
especially welcome contributions considering the integration of geodesy 
with other techniques like hydrology, seismology, or geologic studies, 
to improve our understanding of small amplitude geological or 
hydrological processes.
We are looking forward to meeting you at the next AGU Fall meeting.
O. de Viron, K. Heki, S. Mazzotti and M. Van Camp


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