[unav_all] Upcoming International GPS Data Processing Courses

Dave Carlson carlson at unavco.org
Thu Jun 30 12:31:31 MDT 2011

Registration is now open at 


for a UNAVCO Short Course on GPS data analysis using the GAMIT/GLOBK 
software to be held 9-10 August at Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir, 
Turkey. The workshop will be led by Prof Tom Herring of MIT and 
include lectures and one-on-one tutoring in static processing of 
both continuous and survey-mode measurements; defining, global, 
regional, and local reference frames; temporal and spatial filtering 
of time series; modeling tropospheric, antenna, and loading effects 
in height estimates; combining solutions to esimate post-seismic and 
long-term crustal deformation; handling step-displacements due to 
earthquakes and instrument changes; and developing an error model for 
velocity estimates.

Tutoring will be based on data sets participants bring on their own 
laptos Participants will be expected to have installed and exercised 
GAMIT and GLOBK prior to the workshop, and to be familiar with the 
'Introduction to GAMIT/GLOBK','GAMIT Reference Manual', and 'GLOBK 
Reference Manual'. Much of the lecture material will be the same as 
prior courses, so a review of these presentations would also be 
useful.  Links for all of these documents are on the UNAVCO and 
GAMIT/GLOBK web pages. 

There will be three additonal GAMIT/GLOBK workshops offered during the 
remainder of 2011: 26-28 October in the Caribbean (venue TBD), to include 
a kinematic component;  17-19 November in Johannesburg immediately prior 
to the AfricaArray workshop at the Univesity of Witwatersrand 21-25 
November; and at the University of the Philippines Diliman, to include 
a modeling component using the TDEFNODE software.  Registration is open 
for the Johanesburg course at http://www.africaarray.psu.edu. Look for 
registation announcements for the Caribbean and the Philippines workshops 
by early September.

For more information, please visit: 


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