[unav_all] Sendai earthquake: up to 6 meters of coastal displacement

Richard B. Langley lang at unb.ca
Sat Mar 12 15:20:23 MST 2011

My graduate student, Simon Banville, has computed a pure "kinematic"  
GPS solution from the high-rate (1 Hz) data collected at the MISU and  
USUD IGS stations using the PPP approach. The results should be  
available on the GEO Supersite soon.
-- Richard Langley
    University of New Brunswick

Quoting Meghan Miller <meghan at unavco.org>:

> UNAVCO Community,
> We now have a report from Jeff Freymueller of 5-6 meter GPS  
> determined surface displacements along the northeast coast of Japan.
> This message contains information on the activities that UNAVCO has  
> undertaken in response to Friday's great earthquake in northeastern  
> Japan. Please find these resources on our web site:
> 	• UNAVCO Science Highlight, features geodetic resources, including  
> a GPS-determined displacement field from Japan's Headquarters for  
> Earthquake Research Promotion. It also contains useful links to  
> other results and community resources.
> 	• Freddy Blume is the event response coordinator for this  
> earthquake and is UNAVCO's point of contact:  blume at unavco.org.
> 	• Please use the forum for communications and updates, so those who  
> join the conversation at a later time can access the entire thread:
> 		http://www.unavco.org/voce/viewforum.php?f=54
> 	• Many preliminary results and other resources are already posted  
> to these UNAVCO web pages:
> Science highlight:   
> http://www.unavco.org/community_science/science_highlights/2011/M8.9-Japan.html
> GEO Supersite:  http://supersites.earthobservations.org/honshu.php
> 	• If you would like UNAVCO support for accessing data, geodesy  
> education resources, coordination of community activities, or have  
> other requests related to this event, please let us know and we will  
> help with proposals and projects on a best effort basis within  
> current scope or in support of securing new resources. UNAVCO's  
> Project Support Request form is always an appropriate point of entry  
> if you don't know where else to start.  It is linked from our front  
> page and found directly at:  
> http://www.unavco.org/support/support.html   If you need help in  
> filling out this form, call the event coordinator or your favorite  
> UNAVCO staff member to work with you on this.
> 	•  For inclusion in UNAVCO’s other web pages, send links (with a  
> complete, copy-eidited caption, appropriate attribution and  
> acknowledgment, and your name affiliation) to Val Sloan:  
> sloan at unavco.org.
> 	• For inclusion of results in UNAVCO-hosted GEO supersite  
> http://supersites.earthobservations.org/honshu.php, send images and  
> information to Susanna Gross at gross at unavco.org.
> 	•  You can link to UNAVCO's science highlights and what's hot.....  
> from our home page at:   http://www.unavco.org/
> 	•  The event policy as well as the forum for this event can be  
> accessed from:   
> http://www.unavco.org/support/event-response/event-response.html.
> And, of course, you can always call me directly.
> Finally, we are formally debriefing after each event to review and  
> refine our response protocols.   If you have feedback on how we can  
> continue to improve our web and community presence, please write to  
> me or to the event coordinator.
> We look forward to hearing from you as this astonishing story unfolds.
> Meghan
> P.S.  For an awe-inspiring 4 minutes......
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0l6z0HaUAM
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