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Jeff Freymueller jeff.freymueller at gi.alaska.edu
Sun Mar 20 23:09:37 MDT 2011

Although the upcoming arrival of USArray to Alaska is a big theme of  
this workshop, this is also an ideal opportunity for the UNAVCO  
community to come and discuss scientific opportunities. We will  
emphasize the cross-disciplinary themes, and intend to encompass the  
entire range of EarthScope science.

Opportunities for EarthScope Science in Alaska in Anticipation of  
Mini-Workshop before 2011 EarthScope National Meeting
Austin, Texas,  May 16-17, 2011

A two-day workshop will be held May 16 and 17 in Austin, Texas, before  
the EarthScope National Meeting to discuss opportunities for  
EarthScope science in Alaska. The coming deployment of USArray to  
Alaska offers an excellent opportunity for a broad scientific  
community to discuss scientific opportunities and goals that can be  
addressed through USArray, the existing PBO network, and through a  
broader integration of data from EarthScope facilities and other  
sources. The workshop presentations and discussions can help inform  
and motivate the upcoming proposals from IRIS and UNAVCO for  
operations and maintenance. The workshop will provide a forum for  
discussion of science goals that can be addressed using EarthScope  
data from Alaska, building on EarthScope Science Plan for 2010-2020,  
and explore how hypotheses proposed to explain EarthScope and related  
observations in the lower 48 can be applied or tested in Alaska. It  
will capitalize on excitement from the choice of Alaska as a GeoPRISMS  
SCD primary site, expand the breadth of community input to EarthScope,  
and build broader community support for these goals.

Registration is now open:
The meeting agenda and further information will be posted to the same  

Please find the workshop announcement on the EarthScope web site:

Workshop conveners:
Jeff Freymueller <jeff.freymueller at gi.alaska.edu> (University of  
Alaska, Fairbanks)
Sean Gulick <sean at ig.utexas.edu> (University of Texas Institute of  

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