[unav_all] Multiple postdoctoral positions at LDEO, Geodesy & Seismology

Meredith Nettles nettles at ldeo.columbia.edu
Tue Mar 29 09:19:49 MDT 2011

Multiple Post-Doctoral Research Scientists in Seismology and Geodesy:

The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University invites  
applications for up to six full-time post-doctoral research scientist  
positions in Seismology and Geodesy. The successful applicants will  
work with investigators of the seismology and geodesy groups  
postdoc-opportunities) on one or more of the projects listed below.
The successful candidates will join a dynamic group of geophysicists  
working on a wide range of interrelated problems in Earth structure  
and dynamics, earthquake-source studies, and the interactions of the  
solid Earth, hydrosphere, and cryosphere. The positions are full-time  
1-year appointments, with the opportunity for continuation and growth  
depending on progress and availability of funding.

We seek qualified, highly motivated candidates for the following  
research activities:

-	Analysis and interpretation of diverse onshore and offshore active- 
source seismic data to investigate deformation and magmatism at  
active and ancient plate boundaries, including  a targeted study of  
the Alaska/Aleutian subduction zone;
-	Development and implementation of methods for imaging crust and  
upper-mantle structure from broadband arrays and modeling of results  
in terms of physical properties. Focus on the dynamics driving  
subduction in Alaska, uplift and rifting in Papua New Guinea, the  
deep structure and evolution of volcanic arcs, and the evolution of  
the Pacific plate;
-	Exploitation of data from the Global Seismographic Network and the  
USArray component of EarthScope for the purpose of improved  
characterization of earthquake sources and the development of next- 
generation tomographic images of the Earth's interior;
-	Interdisciplinary geodetic studies, including: an analysis of tidal  
resonance using a global set of GPS data; a multidisciplinary study  
of the impact of climate change on the solid Earth and oceans;  
innovative geodetic methods applied to glaciology and other branches  
of the geosciences; improvements in geodetic accuracy and analysis  

A recent Ph.D. in Geophysics or a related discipline is required.  
Experience in computer programming is highly preferred, as well as  
research experience directly relevant to the research activities  
described above.

To apply:
Applicants should submit a personal statement describing research  
experience and interests, including specific reference to the  
projects listed here, a curriculum vitae, and the names and addresses  
of three references,to:


Only online applications will be accepted.

Columbia University is an Equal opportunity and affirmative action  

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