[unav_all] Opportunity for a GPS Guest Instructor

Dave Carlson carlson at unavco.org
Thu May 5 12:05:51 MDT 2011

UNAVCO solicits applications for a GPS Guest Instructor. 


This Instructor will provide introductory-level GPS training to visiting undergraduate interns and to interested UNAVCO staff; the training will occur on one day during the time period of June 20 to 23 at the UNAVCO facility in Boulder, Colorado.  UNAVCO will provide travel and accommodation support and an honorarium, consistent with UNAVCO policy.


The GPS training should occur in two half-day sessions, covering GPS as a public service in the morning and GPS as a research tool during the afternoon; the afternoon could also include an on-site hardware demonstration.  The Instructor should tailor materials to a level suitable for undergraduates and the general public.  Many UNAVCO staff, with technical as well as administrative and outreach responsibilities, have expressed interest in this training.  The Instructor should expect an audience of 11 interns and 20 or more UNAVCO staff members. 


The morning session should address introductory and general topics including satellites and constellations, receivers, signals, calculations of position, distance and time, errors and uncertainties, and public applications.


The afternoon session should address research uses of GPS and the elements and challenges of precise positioning, including research hardware, differential processing, reference frames, high-rate and real-time data, scientific applications, and advantages of combining GPS with other measurements. 


UNAVCO intends to work with the Instructor to prepare a demonstration video of this training.  We will assist the Instructor with graphics and presentation tools; any products will belong jointly to the Instructor and to UNAVCO.  UNAVCO will also work with the Instructor to develop an on-line quiz and evaluation survey for each session.  The Instructor may choose to spend an additional day or days interacting with the interns or with UNAVCO education or engineering staff.  


Please send a one-page description of instructional approach, proposed content, and expected benefit to you and to UNAVCO to David Carlson, UNAVCO Education and Outreach Director, at carlson at unavco.org.  We expect to make a selection on or before Monday, 23 May 2011.   

Dave Carlson
carlson at unavco.org

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