[unav_all] SSA Announcement: Deadline for Session Proposals is 1 October 2011-2012 SSA Annual Meeting

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Tue Sep 13 14:46:37 MDT 2011

Dear Community,

The Seismological Society of America is now accepting session proposals for
the 2012 SSA meeting in San Diego, California, 17-19 April 2012.  The 2012
SSA Annual Meeting will focus on seismotectonics and hazards in continental
margins with regional emphasis on Plate boundary processes. Topics of
interest may include recent large earthquakes, tsunamigenic earthquakes,
earthquake forecasting, the stress state of plate boundary zones, large
scale lithospheric structure from active and passive source experiments, new
results of the Earth's deep interior, ocean bottom seismology, geodetic
models for earthquake genesis and glacial rebound, physics of seismic
sources, paleoseismicity studies, urban earthquake hazards, issues related
to siting nuclear or other critical facilities, and emergency management
issues associated with large earthquakes.  Sessions are encouraged from
across the broad fields of earthquake science, geotechnical and earthquake
engineering, and seismology; topics may include (but are not limited to)
wave propagation, Earth structure, explosion monitoring, controlled source
experiments, earthquake and other seismic-source processes, ground motion,
paleoseismology, and hazard analysis.  

The 2012 SSA Annual Meeting Program Committee is strongly encouraging the
seismological community at large to help make this an extraordinary SSA
meeting by organizing sessions related to these topics or to other
cutting-edge research, methodology, and technology developments in
seismology.  With the meeting's proximity to the US-Mexican border, sessions
that involve cross-border interaction and collaboration are especially

The deadline for session proposals is 1 October 2011. 

To see examples of special sessions from the 2011 meeting, visit the SSA
2011 meeting Web site at
http://www.seismosoc.org/meetings/2011/specialsessions.php.  To propose a
session, contact David Oglesby at david.oglesby at ucr.edu.

Thank you!



Katie Kadas

Membership Coordinator

Seismological Society of America


510.525.7204 FAX

Membership at Seismosoc.org



"Don't wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good; try to use ordinary

- Charles Richter

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