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Workshop on Mathematics in the Geosciences (10/3 - 10/6)
    Workshop schedule can be found here:

Over the past two decades the earth sciences have acquired a wealth of new
and high quality data from new and greatly improved observing systems.
Because this volume of data poses a major challenge for traditional
methods, only a fraction of their potential has yet been exploited.
Similarly, results of many advanced numerical simulations of earth
are only partially analyzed. Hence neither the data nor the modeling are
being used to their full potential, leaving crucial questions unresolved.
This situation arises in a wide range of areas including earthquake and
volcano dynamics, earth structure and geodynamics, climate and weather,
planetary science.

Addressing this situation calls for the application of mathematical methods
not currently used, which requires a deeper and long-term dialogue and
interaction between the mathematical and geoscience communities. To this
end, we are holding a workshop funded by the NSF programs in mathematics
earth sciences to study the feasibility of establishing a semi-virtual
institute in Chicago to facilitate a fruitful interaction between a broad
and geographically distributed group of mathematicians and geoscientists.
Its goal is for earth scientists and mathematicians to identify and
jointly crucial unsolved problems amenable to mathematical approaches not
currently used. This seems feasible if both groups develop a long-term
relationship giving each reasonable sophistication with the other's
language, problems, and techniques. To set the stage, the meeting will
illustrate some areas in which collaborative efforts are likely to yield
significant advances.
    This Webinar is held daily, from:  Oct 3, 2011 to Oct 6, 2011 8:00 AM
8:00 PM CDT
  Register Now at:  https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/757470830 Once
registered you will receive an email confirming your registration
with information you need to join the Webinar.
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Required: Mac OS® X 10.5 or newer

Dave Yuen
University of Minnesota

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