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Dear Colleagues
This is the final announcement of the planned GGFC workshop to be held in Vienna, 20-April at the Marritott Courtyard Vienna Messe. http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/viefg-courtyard-vienna-messe
Registration will begin at 8:30.
The Registration Fee for the meeting will be 75 euros.  Sorry, but I can only accept cash.
The meeting will focus on assessing the errors in current environmental models and proposals for overcoming these limitations for use in geodetic and geophysical data analysis.
The following are the confirmed Invited speakers to date:
Maik Thomas

On the challenges of developing a mass conserving system model

Minkang Cheng

Degree 2 and geocenter variation from SLR

Xavier Collileux

Call for space geodetic solutions corrected for non-tidal atmospheric loading at the observation level

Thomas Hobiger

How to deal with coordinate systems in numerical weather models?   - Goals of the newly formed IAG SSG12

Jim Ray

Consistency of crustal loading signals derived from models & GPS: Inferences for GPS positioning errors

Wei Chen

Evaluations of global geophysical fluid models based on broad-band geodetic excitations

Haoming Yan

Global mass balance effects on length-of-day change

Richard Gross

The GGFC Special Bureau for the Oceans: Providing Ocean Products for Geodesy

Brian Luzum

Global Geophysical Fluids: an IERS RS/PC Perspective

J.-P. Boy

High-resolution models of surface displacements caused by atmospheric, oceanic and hydrological loads

Rolf Dach

Mitigation of unmodelled non-tidal atmospheric pressure loading into parameters of a global GNSS solution

Erricos Pavlis

Tests of SLR products with and without the atmospheric loading and gravity variations

Johannes Boehm

Atmospheric effects in space geodesy - plans and perspectives

Wouter van der Wal

Uncertainties in models for glacial isostatic adjustment

David Salstein

Special Bureau for the Atmosphere status, and review of global atmospheric analyses and models, with application to geodetic uses

Chopo Ma

Goddard loading Products

Pierre Valty

Estimating the ability of geodetic technics to measure the loading in Southern Europe

 If you or anyone you know is interested in participating and/or contributing a presentation, please let me know as soon as possible.
---tonie van Dam
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