[unav_all] geodesy plan cover photo sought - by February 16

Meghan Miller meghan at unavco.org
Fri Feb 10 11:36:54 MST 2012

Dear Colleague,

I am writing you because you attended the Long-Range Science Goals for Geodesy Community Workshop that UNAVCO organized some time ago (!), or because you are on the IGS or UNAVCO community list serves.   Apologies for cross-posting.

The long awaited science plan is now ready to publish - we are finalizing the layout, and are seeking the perfect cover image.

The ideal imagery would have several elements:
geodetic instruments, 
a landscape that shouts natural hazards to a non-specialist (fault scarp, volcano, landslide, calving ice....), and 
great aesthetic power.....
But we may not be able to get all of that in one image, so send us the best that you have and are willing to share.

To submit a full resolution photo (6 megapixels or better is ideal), go to:
https://filestork.net/xrqletnf      -   details appear at the end of this message

Please put your name in the title of the file so that we can track you down.  And follow up with an email to Megan Berg (berg at unavco.org).   The location of photo, a brief caption, and citation are also helpful, but we can follow up with you if needed.

If you have any questions about the process (detailed below) contact Shelley Olds (olds at unavco.org ; 303.381.7696).

Thank you for your participation!  

M. Meghan Miller
President, UNAVCO
6350 Nautilus Drive
Boulder, CO  80301

Voice:  303/381-7514
By cell:  720/320-0026
Fax:  303/381-7501
meghan at unavco.org

Please acknowledge UNAVCO sponsors and awards:

Themes: Ideally the photos have geodetic instruments + people in a landscape that shows relevance to a natural hazard and/or extreme environment: fault scarps, volcano, landslide, polar, etc. 

Resolution: at least 6 mp (megapixels), ideally >10 mp; a file size of >2 and <50 mb would be typical.   

How to submit:
Since these photographs are often very large, please drop your image using this link to FileStork:  https://filestork.net/xrqletnf 

File naming.  Your-full-name-short-descriptor.jpg (or appropriate file ending), example: shelley-olds-landslide1.jpg

The system accepts: image (bmp, gif, ico, jpg, jpeg, png, svg, tif, tiff), document (doc, docx, pdf, pot, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, xlt, mdb, odt,), adobe (ai, eps, fla, indd, swf, pmd, psd) or compressed (7z, gz, rar, tar, zip, jar)

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