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I am writing to update you on the transition within UNAVCO that Bill Holt described in September (appended below).  We have made measured progress in aligning UNAVCO activities with the three  reconfigured programs:  Geodetic Infrastructure, Geodetic Data Services, and Education & Community Engagement.  These activities are supported by Business Affairs and the Executive Office.    International and public/policy outreach will be under my direct purview, and targeted to address specific recommendations that emerged from the management review of a year ago.  Most employees will keep the same primary reporting relationship, as about 20% of the organization will change supervisors. Approximately 30% will be assigned under a new director, when the Geodetic Infrastructure position has been filled.  Some transitions began as early as February 1, and nearly all will be complete by April 2  - or upon the hire of the new directors....

We are excited about the changes within UNAVCO.   We have already found some strong synergies and ways to enhance the work of UNAVCO staff members.
These changes are likely to be largely invisible to most of you, although you might find a former PBO engineer supporting your PI project abroad, or a former "Facility" staff member working on an EarthScope related task.  If you ever need quick guidance about where to go, drop a line to support at unavco.org.  The Support page in our global navigation continues to be a good point of entry for larger requests:   http://www.unavco.org/support/support.html

If you are interested in the new structure, the org charts are available on the web:

The search for a director of Geodetic Infrastructure is progressing well.  We also have an open directorship for Education and Community Engagement, and screening begins in early March.  I hope that you will spread the word on this.  It is posted at: https://unavcocareers.silkroad.com/.    We have a number of other vacancies posted there, including some summer student internships.

I look forward to seeing many of you next week!  We have more than 200 registrants - a record.


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> Subject: UNAVCO program realignment
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> Subject:   UNAVCO program realignment 
> Dear Colleagues, 
> I am writing to let you know of a realignment of the programs within UNAVCO.  As some of you know, UNAVCO has been engaged in a self study that relied on updating its strategic plan, as well as survey of community, governance participants, and UNAVCO staff to identify both opportunities and efficiencies.  Strong support for refining the focus on development of Geodetic Infrastructure and a strong new focus on Geodetic Data Services (data, data products, and cyber-Infrastructure across UNAVCO's supported geodetic techniques) emerged.  This also nicely aligned with the results of the major Management Review last January.    The board has been closely involved in these changes and the core sponsors at NSF-EAR have been consulted. 
> The UNAVCO Director of Geodetic Data Services will have a particular focus on strengthening community-specified data products and cyber infrastructure, and will serve as the primary point of contact for investigators and sponsors on the UNAVCO Facility and Community cooperative agreement.  Chuck Meertens will serve in this role. 
> The UNAVCO Director of Geodetic Infrastructure will have a particular focus on the development of geodetic observing networks and systems in support of community science goals, on strengthening international partnerships for global geodesy, and will serve as the primary point of contact for investigators and sponsors for the UNAVCO EarthScope/Plate Boundary Observatory Community cooperative agreement.  We expect to post this open position very soon. 
> Education and Outreach will continue with its current program direction.   
> UNAVCO Management is actively undertaking planning for the realignment of UNAVCO staff and governance that will follow this change.  Until the Geodetic Infrastructure directorship is filled, we expect to continue to operate under the current structure at full capacity.   Chuck Meertens has been overseeing both programs, until a new director is found. 
> I wanted to apprise you of this change.  We are optimistic that it will position UNAVCO well to support a spectrum of emerging opportunities and diversify the funding opportunities that complement core sponsorship. 
> Regards, 
> Bill Holt 
> Professor 
> Dept. of Geosciences 
> Stony Brook University 
> Stony Brook, NY, 11794-2100 
> (631) 632-8215 
> William.holt at sunysb.edu

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