[unav_all] USGS Mendenhall postdoctoral opportunity: Investigating Processes Underlying Volcanic and Tectonic Earthquake Swarms

David Shelly dshelly at usgs.gov
Wed Jan 4 12:07:40 MST 2012

*Mendenhall Opportunity #9:  Investigating Processes Underlying Volcanic
and Tectonic Earthquake

Earthquake swarms, which consist of a series of events lacking a clear
mainshock, can have event rates orders of magnitude higher than the
background.  Swarms are common, yet they are not well understood.  They
likely reflect a variety of underlying processes, both volcanic and
tectonic, that have potentially important societal consequences including
heightened hazard. As swarms can cause a great deal of public anxiety in
populated areas, an important research goal is to develop capabilities to
identify characteristics of earthquake swarms that can illuminate the
processes driving this activity.

*Full project description and contact information*: *
Proposed Duty Stations: Menlo Park, CA; Anchorage, AK
Research Advisors: David Shelly, Stephanie Prejean, David Hill, and William
** <http://geology.usgs.gov/postdoc/2013/opps/opp9.html>
 Application deadline is *Feb 21, 2012*.  Please see
http://geology.usgs.gov/postdoc/ for more information on the Mendenhall
program and how to apply.

David R. Shelly
Seismologist, Long Valley and Yellowstone Volcano Observatories
U.S. Geological Survey
345 Middlefield Rd. MS 910
Menlo Park, CA 94025
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