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UNAVCO, a non-profit membership-governed consortium, facilitates geoscience research and education using geodesy. 

For nearly three decades, UNAVCO has spearheaded the utilization of cutting-edge technology while providing robust operational support for researchers exploring tectonics (earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics), the deformation of ice, the Earth's response to ground water, sea level, and aspects of the hydrosphere, and atmosphere. Our instrumentation toolbox includes high-precision GPS,  LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) for Airborne Laser Swath Mapping and Terrestrial Laser Scanning,  InSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar),  and more.  We host the NSF’s Geodesy Data Archive and provide cyberinfrastructure to support the full data life cycle and interoperability with national and international Earth science Data Centers.

Our long-term success depends on development of a forward-looking, diversified workforce that draws on and cultivates talent across the demographic spectrum of gender and ethnicity, across international boundaries, and across scientific disciplines.

Summary of Job

As a Software Engineer you will provide critical support to the Geodesy Data Archive functions. You will collaborate with other software engineers and scientists on systems requirements and design, and you will develop software systems and web tools supporting distribution of data and metadata to our global network of researchers and data centers. We have opportunities for special projects to utilize your unique set of skills to help us build the next generation of tools for leveraging geodetic science to the next level.


Essential Duties, Assignment -Specific Job Functions

Responsible for developing and maintaining software for metadata and data search and delivery through the Archive’s dynamic database backed website using Java, Flex, PHP and Google Maps API. Participates as a key member of the Archive’s web team that designs the website.

Responsible for Archive web services and Service Oriented Architecture software design, development, support and maintenance to enable data discovery and access for advanced users of the Archive. Supports software development for UNAVCO’s participation in community cyberinfrastructure initiatives.

Contributes to developing software for new and evolving UNAVCO Facility Archive projects involving Oracle, Postgres, and MySQL metadata databases for archiving of data and products for GPS and other data types.


Skills and Knowledge, Position-specific

Highly proficient in object oriented software development with Java, ActionScript, or Perl, and with class hierarchies and abstraction.

Highly proficient in web development with Flex 3, PHP, Google Maps API, JavaScript, and JSP.

Proficient in development of web services using technologies including SOAP, XML, HTTP, Tomcat, and Axis2.

Experience in SQL and in programming queries using database access with JDBC or Perl DBD.

Experience with computing in networked environments, preferably with Solaris and RH Linux. Working skills on MS Windows and MacOS.

Desired Skills and Knowledge

Experience with Adobe BlazeDS Java remoting.


Education and Experience

A minimum of four years of work experience as a Software Developer using Java, and two or more years of experience with ActionScript, Flex 3, PHP, and Perl to develop web applications and web services.

To apply:

View the position description and register your candidacy by uploading your application materials at https://unavcocareers.silkroad.com

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