[unav_all] DRAFT IRIS-UNAVCO Polar Facility Plan available for review

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-Preliminary DRAFT of IRIS/UNAVCO Polar Facility Plan-


The link below leads to draft chapters for a polar facility plan for IRS and UNAVCO.  The purpose of the plan is to provide all stakeholders with a blueprint for the growth and management of the UNAVCO and IRIS polar facilities over the next 5 to 10 years.  At this point, the plan is in a draft form, but before it becomes final, we seek the broader community's input.  Please feel free to review the draft plan and provide comments via the email link, as you see fit.  We will try to incorporate these comments into the final document for presentation to the NSF.


Please send all comments to the following email list:


Andy Nyblade - Chair, writing committee for the facility plan

Carol Raymond - Chair - Polar Network Science Committee

Kent Anderson - IRIS Polar Coordinator

Joe Pettit - UNAVCO Polar Coordinator


Comments must be received by Aug 6th, 2012. Email comment links 

are provided on the webpage:




Thank you for your time and consideration in evaluating this important planning document.


Chapter Links:

Executive Summary

Chapter 1:  Introduction -- The growth of polar seismic and geodetic facility support

Chapter 2: Polar seismic and geodetic science:  From sea level rise and ice sheet stability to solid earth structure and dynamics

Chapter 3: UNAVCO Polar Services

Chapter 4: IRIS Polar Services

Chapter 5:  Improving facility governance, collaborations, and efficiencies"



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