[unav_all] JPL/SOPAC 1994-present timeseries archived at CDDIS

Angelyn W. Moore Angelyn.W.Moore at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Nov 29 17:51:58 MST 2012

The JPL Geodynamics and Space Geodesy group and the Scripps Orbit and 
Permanent Array Center (SOPAC) have been jointly supported by NASA for 
the past 10 years to produce and disseminate high-level GPS data 
products, such as time series for North America, through REASoN and 
MEaSURES projects that support NASA's Earth Surface and Interiors (ESI) 
focus area, and that are part of NASA's contribution to the EarthScope 
Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO).

JPL has recently completed a uniform reprocessing made possible by the 
IGS08 GIPSY orbit dataset [Desai et al, 2011].  In turn, this enabled 
extension of the combined SOPAC/JPL timeseries back to 1994-01-01.

We are pleased to announce that the 1994-present combined dataset is now 
available via CDDIS.  Versions with outlier removal, filtering, and 
detrending are available.  As always, these products are also available 
via the GPS Explorer portal, which also provides advanced plotting and 
analysis tools, and by FTP from SOPAC.  Please contact us with any 
questions or suggestions.

CDDIS archive location:

GPS Explorer portal:

JPL timeseries information:

SOPAC information:

     If your use of these data products results in a publication, please
     cite "Bock, Y. and F.H. Webb 2012. MEaSUREs Solid Earth Science ESDR
     System. La Jolla, California and Pasadena, California USA: [list
     archive from which data were obtained], [list dates of data used].
     Digital media." and notify us of your publication.

Desai, S., W. Bertiger, B. Haines, N. Harvey, C. Selle, A. Sibthorpe, J.
Weiss, Results from the Reanalysis of Global GPS Data in the IGS08 
Reference Frame, Abstract G53B-0904 presented at 2011 Fall Meeting, AGU, 
San Francisco, Calif., 5-9 Dec.

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