[unav_all] EarthCube End-User Domain Workshop for EarthScope

Mike Gurnis gurnis at gps.caltech.edu
Wed Sep 5 09:36:02 MDT 2012

Dear Colleague,

We invite you to attend this workshop to help the EarthScope community 
plan for the next generation of cyber infrastructure and provide vital 
input into NSF’s EarthCube program. The “EarthCube End-User Domain 
Workshop for EarthScope” will be held Oct. 29-30 on the campus of 
Arizona State University in Tempe Arizona. Participant support (travel, 
hotel and meals) will be provided for all confirmed participants.

This two-day workshop will assess the current state and needs of the 
cyberinfrastructure that facilitates realization of EarthScope’s science 
objectives. The workshop will provide timely and necessary guidance in 
the planning of NSF’s EarthCube (http://earthcube.ning.com/), a broader 
geoscience initiative in cyberinfrastructure. Interested members of the 
geoscience and information science communities are invited. Additional 
information on the workshop can be found at 

With invited talks and discussion, the workshop will address:

EarthScope (ES) science drivers, challenges, and use case scenarios
EarthScope cyberinfrastructure opportunities and challenges, with 
applications for EarthCube
ES simulation opportunities and challenges with broad applications for 
ES CI visioning. How can the needs of the EarthScope community mesh with 
the needs and resources of other communities working within EarthCube?

Apply to attend:
We invite members of relevant communities, especially early career 
scientists, to apply to attend:

On behalf of the EarthScope Cyberinfrastructure Subcommittee

Mike Gurnis (gurnis at gps.caltech.edu

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