[unav_all] REMINDER: IRIS ECI Mentorship Funding Opportunity, application due 4/15

Andy Frassetto andyf at iris.edu
Fri Apr 5 11:32:23 MDT 2013

The IRIS Early Career Investigators (ECI) Working Group is committed to 
the encouragement and support of mentorship opportunities and the 
integration of ECIs into their research and education communities. As 
one step in furthering these goals, the ECI Working Group requests 
proposals from post-doctoral fellows through pre-tenure faculty to 
partner with a senior scientist to conduct a research project during 
2013. We seek to facilitate research interactions for those who are lone 
seismologists at their institutions and/or those who would like to have 
seed funding to complete a “proof of concept” project to assist in the 
proposal writing process. Both members of the junior-senior scientist 
pairing must come from an IRIS Member or Educational Affiliate 
institution, and must not have previously collaborated on a research 
project, which includes abstracts and publications. It is not necessary 
that both scientists are seismologists; for instance, a 
seismologist-geodesist pairing could benefit both scientists and provide 
the opportunity to learn more about each other’s specialty. An initial 
list of scientists who are potentially willing to serve as mentors is 
available at www.iris.edu/hq/eci/mentors.

We envision the mentoring program to begin in 2013, with the junior and 
senior scientists interacting closely over a 6-9 month period. 
Interactions will probably begin via visits to each other’s institution 
but the overall logistics of the collaboration can take whatever form 
best suits the participants. For example the majority of interactions 
could be virtual. Both researchers should spend some time at the other’s 
institution, to increase interactions between the departments. Each 
‘visiting scientist’ is strongly encouraged to present their research 
during a colloquium, and meet with others in the department. Portions of 
the funds could also be used for fieldwork if deemed necessary.

To apply please submit a joint proposal, which outlines the project with 
enough background for a non-specialist review panel. The proposal must 
include a brief timeline and budget justification, rationale for the 
proposed partnership and how each scientist would benefit from the 
collaboration, and potential outcomes of the research. Proposals will be 
rated on both the potential impact of the proposed mentoring 
relationship as well as the proposed research. The proposal should not 
exceed five (5) pages.

IRIS will fund 1-2 junior-senior scientist pairings, within a total 
available program allowance of $8,000. The funding will be provided to 
reimburse reasonable and allowable documented travel costs 
(transportation, lodging, food), in accordance with IRIS travel 
policies. Selected proposals will be notified, and travel costs will be 
reimbursed directly via IRIS travel reports. Proposals are due on April 
15th, 2013. Applicants will be notified within four weeks of the 
deadline whether their proposal is successful. A report (1-2 pages) must 
be submitted to IRIS Education and Public Outreach upon completion of 
the collaboration to describe how the mentoring program impacted their 
research and helped accomplish their professional goals.

Questions regarding the proposal process can be directed to Dr. Danielle 
Sumy (danielle.sumy at gmail.com) and/or Dr. John Taber (taber at iris.edu). 
Proposals should be emailed as an attached PDF file with the subject 
line “ECI PROPOSAL” to Dr. Andy Frassetto (andyf at iris.edu).
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