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UNAVCO Community,

This message has two topics:  
(1) General proposal calls and planning for UNAVCO support   
(2) Partnering with UNAVCO for Major Research Instrumentation proposals - due January 23

You can also come by the UNAVCO booth at AGU to consult about any of this.....

(1) General proposal calls and requesting proposal / budget planning, letters of support (deadlines and target dates are summarized at the end of this the message)
This is a reminder that proposal deadlines and target dates are rapidly approaching for a number of funding opportunities. We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible if you are planning to include UNAVCO project support in your upcoming proposals.  UNAVCO can assist you with technical planning and budgeting of engineering and equipment support services for proposals submitted to relevant programs within the National Science Foundation Directorate for Geosciences.  Project types include GPS/GNSS, Borehole Geophysics, Geodetic Imaging (LiDAR and InSAR), and Education and Outreach.

Please note expanded UNAVCO services including daily solutions for your GPS observations provided from the Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO) Analysis Centers, real-time GPS streaming data and data solution products, an expanded state-of-the-art terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) pool, borehole geophysics (strainmeters*/seismometers/tiltmeters), satellite InSAR data, ground control for airborne laser scanning in collaboration with NCALM, power and communications systems for extreme environments, and cyberinfrastructure development.  UNAVCO also helps investigators plan for broader impact through independent and UNAVCO-related projects including workshops, short courses, mentoring of RESESS interns, and other outreach activities.

*Instrument availability: “EarthScope borehole strainmeter and seismometer instrumentation purchased, but not installed, during PBO construction is available for PI-driven research that benefits the goals of the EarthScope program…” [See EarthScope solicitations for details]

Project support, including proposal planning assistance, may be requested through our web site at: http://achaia.unavco.org/public/newproject/supportform.aspx

(2) Partnering with UNAVCO for Major Research Instrumentation proposals - full proposals due January 23
NSF has posted an annual Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) call, with an NSF deadline of January 23, 2014.   If you are considering using UNAVCO resources for this submission, we are asking for your early consideration of the following guidance.  Depending on proposal pressure and the level of support requested, board review may be needed to establish priority. 

If you are interested in submitting an MRI proposal with UNAVCO in January 2014, there are two paths forward:

Program announcement and link to FAQ:

There are several ways to collaborate with UNAVCO for this proposal call:
 As for universities, UNAVCO can submit up to the organizational limit of three MRI proposals (or subawards, with the caveats below) if at least one of them is for instrument development.

1.  Submission of an MRI - Instrument Development proposal with the work by UNAVCO included as less than 20% of the total budget in the form of a subaward.  In such a case, UNAVCO participation would not count against UNAVCO's organizational limit of 3.  UNAVCO is unlikely to be able to contribute to any cost share requirement, as our sources of non-federal funds is quite limited.  For such a project, support can be requested through the web page at http://facility.unavco.org/project_support/project_support.html.

2.  UNAVCO submission of an MRI proposal on behalf of, or in collaboration with, member institutions.  Because UNAVCO is subject to the cost share requirement, and yet has only negligible non-federal sources for matching funds, this approach requires a plan to meet the 30% cost share requirement with non-federal (e.g., non-UNAVCO) resources. 

3.  Depending on proposal pressure, we may also be able to participate as a subaward on another's proposal.   Again, UNAVCO is unlikely to be able to contribute to the 30% cost share requirement.

Please note that a university may contribute to meeting UNAVCO's cost share without counting the UNAVCO submission against the university's organizational limit, as long as the university is not receiving a related award or subaward (or the subaward is less than 20% of an Instrument Development proposal).  Real and in-kind contributions of international or commercial partners can also meet the cost sharing requirement.  

If you are interested in advancing a proposal through UNAVCO, the board would like to review the following:
1.  Preliminary project summary with science goals, and a description of intellectual merit and broader impacts.
2.  Draft project budget
3.  A short memorandum that addresses these questions (approximately 1 page):
	A.  How does the project align with UNAVCO's mission and goals?
	B.  How will the proposed project serve the UNAVCO Community?
	C.  What is the plan/commitment to meet the match requirement?
	D.  How mature is the concept?  Is the project feasible?
	E.  What NSF program will the project serve (EAR, OPP, AGS, etc….)?

Please forward your ideas for a UNAVCO community MRI proposal to me by January 2, so that they can be reviewed by the board in a timely way.  

If you have any questions, please call or flag me - or another UNAVCO staff member - at AGU so that we can talk about the best way to move projects forward (deadlines below).

Thank you,

M. Meghan Miller
President, UNAVCO
6350 Nautilus Drive
Boulder, CO  80301

Voice:  303/381-7514
By cell:  720/320-0026
Fax:  303/381-7501
meghan at unavco.org

Please acknowledge UNAVCO sponsors and awards:

From NSF's Ear to the Ground newsletter
Upcoming Deadlines and Target Dates:
You can find the full list of active GEO funding opportunities on the Directorate for Geosciences website, but here are some programs of particular interest to the EAR community:
	• Geophysics (PH) (NSF 12-598) Full Proposal Target Date: December 4, 2013
	• Hydrologic Sciences (HS) (NSF 13-531) Full Proposal Deadline: December 5, 2013
	• Innovation Corps Teams Program (I-Corps Teams) (NSF 12-602) Full Proposal Deadline: December 16, 2013
	• Decadal and Regional Climate Predictions using Earth System Models (EaSM) (NSF 13-607) Full Proposal Deadline: December 23, 2013
	• Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers Program (I/UCRC) (NSF 13-594) Letter of Intent: January 6, 2014
	• Tectonics (TE) (NSF 09-542) Full Proposal Deadline: January 6, 2014
	• Geobiology and Low-Temperature Geochemistry (GG) (NSF 09-552) Full Proposal Deadline: January 16, 2014
	• Geomorphology and Land Use Dynamics (GLD) (NSF 09-537) Full Proposal Deadline: January 16, 2014
	• Sedimentary Geology and Paleobiology (SGP) (NSF 12-608) Full Proposal Deadline: January 16, 2014
	• Coastal SEES (NSF 14-502) Full Proposal Deadline: January 21, 2014
	• Petrology and Geochemistry (CH) (NSF 14-501) Full Proposal Target Date: January 21, 2014
	• Catalyzing New International Collaborations (CNIC) (NSF 13-605) Full Proposal Deadline: January 22, 2014
	• Major Research Instrumentation Program (MRI) (NSF 13-517) Full Proposal Deadline: January 23, 2014
	• EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Program: Track-2 (RII Track-2) (NSF 13-509) Full Proposal Deadline: January 29, 2014
	• Improving Undergraduate STEM Education:  (PD 14-7513) Full Proposal Target Date: February 4, 2014
	• Alliances for Minority Participation – Student Research Supplements (NSF 14-014 DCL) Deadline February 14, 2014
	• Advancing Recruitment and Retention in the Geosciences (NSF 14-015 DCL) January 10, 2014
	• Instrumentation and Facilities:  Full Proposals Accepted Anytime
The revised version of the NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG), NSF 14-1 is effective for proposals submitted, or due, on or after February 24, 2014.   While this version of the PAPPG becomes effective on February 24, 2014, in the interim, the guidelines contained in the current PAPPG (NSF 13-1) continue to apply.

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