[unav_all] AGU Meeting of the Americas Session announcement from Dr. Vince Cronin

Jaime Magliocca jmaglio at unavco.org
Thu Jan 3 08:55:24 MST 2013

Keith Sverdrup and I would like to invite you to consider submitting an abstract for a session we are convening at the AGU Meeting of the Americas in Cancun, Mexico, May 14-17, 2013.  The abstract deadline is February 6.

U09: The multi-disciplinary search for seismogenic/active faults: case studies, new methods and datasets, collaborations and strategies for future work

Description:  The search for faults that can produce damaging earthquakes continues. Throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean, knowledge of active faults is still incomplete, due largely to the logistical, environmental and economic challenges associated with this work. Some of these challenges are being mitigated by improvements in seismograph networks, earthquake relocation studies, digital base maps, aerial LiDAR coverage, new networks of geodetic GPS sites, analysis of InSAR data, and the courage and ingenuity of geoscientists seeking to help the people of this area be safer and more resilient in the face of earthquake-related hazards.

The session web page is
and the meeting website is

Please contact me at Vince_Cronin at baylor.edu with your questions about this session.  Thanks, and I hope to see you at the MOA in Cancun!

--Vince Cronin
Baylor University

Vince Cronin        Lab/office phone:  (254) 710-2174
Professor (Structural Geology, Neotectonics, Plate Kinematics), Baylor University
Other contact data:  http://bearspace.baylor.edu/Vince_Cronin/www/Contact.html

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