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Dear UNAVCO Community,

A Pan-American Advanced Studies Institute (PASI) entitled “Magma-Tectonic Interactions in the Americas” will be held in León, Nicaragua, 5-18 May 2013 to address fundamental issues related to magma-tectonic interactions, in order to improve understanding of volcano-magmatic systems and thus help mitigate associated hazards, risks, and vulnerabilities. The workshop is for advanced graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and early career faculty and will address four key scientific aspects, which will allow the scientific community to improve the science in significant ways: (1) Magma-tectonic interactions; (2) Deep vs. shallow magma plumbing systems; (3) Eruption trigger mechanisms; and (4) New approaches, methods, and technologies for volcano monitoring. Lectures and fieldwork will be integral parts of the workshop.
In order to examine these issues in a meaningful and novel manner, this Institute will comprise sessions on three distinct yet clearly related and overlapping themes: (1) geophysical processes, (2) geochemical processes, and (3) integrated studies of magma-tectonic interactions. By using these three approaches in an interdisciplinary fashion, we will be able to gain new and important insight into subsurface magma behavior before eruptions, inter-relationships and feedbacks between magmatic and tectonic processes, and the event or events which initiate periods of volcano restlessness including eruptions.
This Institute will bring together scientists from across the Americas for training in the latest scientific advances and technologies in volcano monitoring and modeling of magmatic and tectonic processes. It will give advanced graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and early career faculty the opportunity to initiate collaborations with their Latin American counterparts, and will allow our Latin American colleagues to promote a professional network of scientists from across the region. This Institute will train scientists to utilize and apply data and results for investigating magmatic and tectonic systems across the Americas. This will result in improved understanding of magmatic and tectonic processes, as well as hazard assessments for these tectonically active regions.
Funding is available for approximately twenty-five (25) participants from the US and the Americas. A web site will soon be available for advanced graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and early career faculty to apply for the workshop.
For further information about this Institute, contact Pete LaFemina (pcl11 at psu.edu) or John Stix (stix at eps.mcgill.ca).

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