[unav_all] Final call for Abstracts: SSA Session "New Frontiers in Seismic Data Analysis"

Daniel Bowman haksaeng at live.unc.edu
Mon Jan 7 06:49:23 MST 2013

Dear Colleagues,

Jonathan Lees, Rick Aster and I would like to call your attention to the special session "New Frontiers in Seismic Data Analysis" to be held at this spring's Seismological Society of America annual meeting in Salt Lake City (April 17-19, 2013).  We look forward to a series of innovative talks describing recent progress in seismic data analysis, and we encourage submissions describing new methods or comparisons of existing techniques with cutting edge research tools.

As a reminder, abstracts are due Thursday, January 10th (this week).

Thank you,

Daniel Bowman

Session description:

New Frontiers in Seismic Data Analysis

New analysis techniques can reveal hitherto hidden structures and can enhance the study of critical data features that are not optimally revealed by traditional methods. For example, wavelet analysis and the Hilbert Huang Transform can greatly improve upon the time/frequency resolution of traditional Fourier methods, allowing earthquake spectra to be examined in more detail, and curvelet, gradiometric, or other novel wavefield decomposition methods can reveal structures in array data that may not be apparent using F-K analysis. This session will focus on innovative ways of presenting and analyzing seismic data, with an emphasis on new developments. We invite contributors who have developed or are exploring new techniques and/or who wish to offer relevant evaluations of widely used methodologies.
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