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U.S. Geological Survey - Announcement for a Term position in geophysics 
Geophysicist – GS-9 
U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA 

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Jonathan Glen, USGS GMEG Science Center, 650-329-5282, jglen at usgs.gov for information about the position and the application process. 
The U.S. Geological Survey, Geology, Minerals, Energy, and Geophysics (GMEG) Science Center is seeking applicants for a 9 month term position (GS-1313-7/9) to work with the Geophysics Unit of Menlo Park (GUMP) within the GMEG Science Center. The Center conducts interdisciplinary research in (1) geological framework studies, (2) mineral, geothermal, and water resource evaluation, (3) environmental issues, and (4) geologic hazards. The main purpose of this position is to assist in developing a network of ultra-low frequency electromagnetic (ULF-EM) recording sites in California as part of an effort funded by NASA to help understand earthquake physics and to detect pre-seismic transients. The incumbent is needed to test, further develop, deploy, and troubleshoot our station equipment (including power and digitizer/data acquisition systems), while maintaining signal fidelity and system noise at levels commensurate with ULF-EM monitoring applications. In addition, they would be responsible for locating, permitting, designing and installing, new stations to the network as well as operating, calibrating and maintaining the sensors and data acquisition systems associated with existing stations of this network (There are presently 5 existing stations – 3 in the San Francisco Bay area, one each near the towns of Holister and Parkfield, CA). 
Applicants are expected to have a professional knowledge of electrical engineering principles and concepts. A limited knowledge of related scientific disciplines such as mathematics, physics, and GPS methods is needed. 

Applicants are expected to have: 
M.S. in Physics or Electrical Engineering OR a B.S. in Physics or Electrical Engineering plus several years of work experience and advanced course work in related fields. 
Knowledge of analog and digital electronics sufficient to perform high level design and troubleshooting. 
Knowledge of data acquisition concepts. 
Experience designing, implementing and maintaining, repairing, and troubleshooting geophysical and GPS field equipment networks. 
Experience in the use of oscilloscopes, function generators, network analyzers, logic analyzers, DMMs and capacitance meters. 
Experience with developing and installing long-term, weather-hardened systems that can withstand environmental conditions and prevent environmental-related equipment failures. 
Experience in circuit design, including working with circuit diagrams and flow charts, and ability to read or generate electronics diagrams, and mechanical drawings. 
Experience with telemetry and developing telemetry at new field stations. 
Experience on UNIX, PC, and MAC platforms. 
Skill in organizing and presenting written and oral results, sufficient to clearly present scientific findings, interpretations, and conclusions. 

 Other experience that is desirable but not required: 
Programming in C, C++, Python, LabPython, PHP, Verilog, MatLab and assembly level programming. Experience with Labview, Orcad Capture, Layout Plus, PCB Editor, SPECCTRA, PSpice and network (wired and wireless) operations. 
Familiarity with Quanterra Data Loggers (Models Q4120 and Q330). 
Experience working with Embedded Linux or other real time OS. 
Design and Verification of FPGAs with VHDL or Verilog 

USGS is an equal opportunity employer 

> Jonathan MG Glen
> US Geological Survey, MS989
> 345 Middlefield Road
> Menlo Park, CA 94025
> (phone) 650-329-5282
> (fax) 650-329-5133
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