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This committee (COSG) oversees geodesy for the National Research Council's Board on Earth Science Research (BESR).  Please consider nominating a colleague who could effectively represent geodesy to the National Academies.



From: Gibbs, Courtney 
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Dear colleagues:
We are seeking nominations for members of the National Research Council’s Committee on Seismology and Geodynamics (COSG).  The COSG focuses on scientific and policy issues related to the structure, dynamics, and evolution of the Earth (see the list of recent reports below).  Committee members are chosen to cover the principal fields of solid earth science and associated measurement, modeling, and computational methods.  Given the current activities of the committee, we are particularly interested in nominations for individuals with expertise in the following fields:
* earthquake seismology
* geodynamics
* geodesy
* volcanology
* structural geology
* mineral physics
* hazards (e.g., earthquake, volcano, landslide)
* nuclear monitoring
* computational methods
Please send your suggestions (e.g., name, affiliation, email address, expertise) by January 31.  Thank you.
Courtney Gibbs
Program Associate
Board on Earth Sciences & Resources
The National Academies
500 5th Street, NW (W620)
Washington, DC 20001
P: 202-334-2743
F: 202-334-1377
Recent COSG studies:
Induced Seismicity Potential in Energy Technologies (2012)
Grand Challenges in Earthquake Engineering Research: A Community Workshop Report (2011)
National Earthquake Resilience: Research, Implementation, and Outreach (2011)
Precise Geodetic Infrastructure: National Requirements for a Shared Resource (2010)
Improved Seismic Monitoring - Improved Decision-Making: Assessing the Value of Reduced Uncertainty (2006)
Partnerships for Reducing Landslide Risk: Assessment of the National Landslide Hazards Mitigation Strategy (2004)
Living on an Active Earth: Perspectives on Earthquake Science (2003)
Assessment of Proposed Partnerships to Implement a National Landslide Hazards Mitigation Strategy: Interim Report (2002)
Review of EarthScope Integrated Science (2001)
Review of the U.S. Geological Survey's Volcano Hazards Program (2000)
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