[unav_all] UNAVCO plans network upgrades

Fran Boler boler at unavco.org
Fri Jan 25 14:46:57 MST 2013

To the UNAVCO Community-

This notice is to let you know that UNAVCO is planning upgrades to our 
networking hardware and software, and that this process will involve 
several 2-6 hour outages of data services and web presence occurring 
periodically during the next few months.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the existence of 
the unav-data e-mail list. We will use this list to disseminate a 
schedule of the outages and details of the services affected. Other than 
this message we will not use the unav_all e-mail list to disseminate 
this information. GPS real time services users will also be notified 
using the current e-mail list of subscribers.

If you are interested in keeping apprised of the details of scheduled 
outages and other data services related announcements, please subscribe 
to the unav-data e-mail list:


(If you have subscribed in the past and your e-mail address has changed 
recently, let this be your reminder that you may need to re-subscribe.)

Best regards,

Fran Boler, Ph.D.
Data Center Manager
Geodetic Data Services
boler at unavco.org

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