[unav_all] AGU Session on LiDAR and High Resolution Topographic Data

Christopher Crosby crosby at unavco.org
Mon Jul 8 10:58:00 MDT 2013

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to an exciting session at the AGU Fall Meeting. 

G002. 4D Topography: Detecting Changes to the Earth's Surface with Multi-Temporal, High-Resolution Topographic Data
This session will focus on innovative uses of multi-temporal, high-resolution topographic datasets to explore novel questions in tectonics and geomorphology. Particular emphasis in this session will be given to emerging methods such as airborne and terrestrial LiDAR, radar, RTK-GPS, multi-beam SONAR, and structure-from-motion photogrammetry. We seek abstracts that quantifying process rates to understand the mechanisms that drive earth processes. In addition, we encourage submissions that highlight solutions to technical challenges of high-resolution topography, such as best practices for differencing, co-registering datasets, and quantifying uncertainty. This session will be a good opportunity to showcase advances in new methods of gathering, processing, and analyzing high-resolution topography.

Conveners: Ed Nissen, Colorado School of Mines enissen at mines.edu; Francis Rengers, University of Colorado francis.rengers at colorado.edu; Christopher Crosby, UNAVCO crosby at unavco.org


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