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Andrew Goodwillie andrewg at ldeo.columbia.edu
Wed Jul 10 10:44:22 MDT 2013

GeoMapApp is a free, map-based data exploration and visualization tool 
developed at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory by 
the IEDA database group.

We will be running a short series of GeoMapApp hands-on webinars over 
two afternoons in late July:

Webinar 1: Wednesday 24th July at 2:00pm EDT: *Introduction to GeoMapApp*
         Layout, tools and functionality. Built-in data sets. Import and 
manipulate your own data.
         Register for Webinar 1: 

Webinar 2: Wednesday 24th July at 3:30pm EDT: *GeoMapApp and GeoPRISMS*
         Brief introduction to functionality. Built-in 
GeoPRISMS-relevant data sets. Importing data.
         Register for Webinar 2: 

Webinar 3: Thursday 25th July at 2:00pm EDT: *GeoMapApp: Polar applications*
         Brief introduction to polar projections and functionality. 
Built-in polar data sets. Importing data.
         Register for Webinar 3: 

Webinar 4: Thursday 25th July at 3:30pm EDT: *GeoMapApp Portals*
         Brief introduction. Explore the enhanced functionality of 
GeoMapApp portal data sets. We'll cover multi-channel seismic data, 
various earthquake data sets, geochemistry, multibeam bathymetry, ocean 
drilling, and more.
         Register for Webinar 4: 

Each hands-on webinar will last about 45 minutes and will be stand-alone 
so you can pick and chose which ones to join. We strongly encourage 
webinar participants to follow along by using GeoMapApp on their own 
computer and we'll answer participant questions in real time as the 
webinars progress.

Please register for the free webinars using the URLs above.

A few days before the webinars, we'll send details to registered 
participants about downloading and installing GeoMapApp 
(http://www.geomapapp.org/), along with the logistics of connecting to 
the webinars.

The webinars will recorded and placed on the GeoMapApp YouTube Channel, 
here: http://www.youtube.com/user/GeoMapApp

Thank you!

Andrew Goodwillie

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