[unav_all] Seismicity in the cryosphere (AGU Session C027)

Brad Lipovsky bradlipovsky at gmail.com
Tue Jul 16 12:34:21 MDT 2013

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to bring to your attention the following session at the 2013
AGU Fall Meeting.

*Seismicity in the cryosphere (C027)*
Seismic waves from the cryosphere transmit information from difficult to
observe systems to distant seismometers. Despite the importance of
understanding mass fluxes, cryospheric stability, and integrated climate
feedbacks, the constraints offered by seismicity remain poorly incorporated
in our general understanding of these topics. We invite presentations that
draw on seismic analyses to better understand the dynamics and behavior of
the cryosphere. We welcome theoretical, observational, and experimental
results pertaining to seismic observations. Topics of interest include but
are not limited to basal sliding, iceberg calving, fluid transients,
tidally modulated seismicity, analysis of sea ice cover, crevassing, and
seismicity within icebergs.
*Invited Abstracts*
Martin Pratt, Washington University in St. Louis*
Fabian Walter, Université Joseph Fourier
Jake Walter, Georgia Institute of Technology
Lucas Zoet, Iowa State University
Brad Lipovsky, Stanford University
Tim Bartholomaus, University of Alaska

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