[unav_all] SAFOD Round 4 core solicitation reminder

Wade Johnson johnson at unavco.org
Tue Jul 23 13:58:35 MDT 2013

The round four SAFOD core solicitation is still underway.  The open request period will be open until August 1st.

If you are planing on asking for samples please send an email to johnson at unavco.org.

For Phase Three core please use the SAFOD core viewer to make request:


For Phases One and Two samples please use the following form:


The registration page can be found at:


And data policies and further instructions can be can be found at:


Please feel free to contact Wade Johnson (johnson at unavco.org), David Mencin (mencin at unavco.org), and the core repository(SAFOD at iodp.tamu.edu) with any questions or comments. 

Please forward to any colleagues who would be interested in SAFOD samples.

Thanks and have a great day!

Wade Johnson
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