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NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)
Collaborative Research: Great Earthquakes, Megathrust Phenomenology and Continental Dynamics in the Southern Andes

The University of Memphis
May-August 2013

We are seeking an outstanding undergraduate student to participate in an NSF funded project that is using GPS geodetic measurements to investigate the processes that created and continue to drive evolution of the modern Andes. Our immediate goals are determination of the immediate (first few years) post-seismic deformation in the region of the 2010, Mw=8.8, Chilean earthquake, the ongoing mid-term (60+ years) post-seismic deformation in the region of the 1960, Mw=9.5, Valdivia, Chile, earthquake (the largest earthquake recorded instrumentally and located immediately to the south of the 2010 earthquake), and the inter-seismic deformation in north western Argentina. The study area also continues eastward into the adjoining stable part of the South American plate.

The REU student will participate in a GPS Geodetic fieldwork campaign in Argentina during the period June through August 2013. There will be a training period in Memphis in late May before going to Argentina. Upon returning, the REU student will have the opportunity to directly engage in processing and modeling the acquired GPS data, and combining these results with seismic and other information to better understand the dynamics of Andean style orogeny, and applications to seismic hazard. The total length of the program will be 9-11 weeks.

The REU program offers a stipend and covers all costs for the fieldwork in Argentina. 

For more information please contact

Dr. Robert Smalley, rsmalley at memhpis.edu, office phone – 901-678-4929.

- Must be registered as an Undergraduate student through the end of August 2013. Sophomores and Juniors are especially encouraged to apply.
- NSF rules require REU participants to be U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, or permanent residents of the United States.
- Students from groups that are under represented in STEM fields are encouraged to apply.
- Must be able to travel to Argentina for ~8 weeks during June-August 2013.
- Must have the ability to carry 60 pounds a hundred meters over rugged terrain in inclement weather.
- Must have  basic camping, mechanical, electrical/electronic and computer skills.
- Must have at least 1 year of college Spanish.
- Must be able to drive vehicle with a standard transmission.

Application – Research Experience for Undergraduates with the NSF grant: Great Earthquakes, Megathrust Phenomenology and Continental Dynamics in the Southern Andes

- deadline – 10 April, 2013, with decision ~20 April, 2013.







Undergraduate Institution and address:







Please send names and contact information for two references.

Dr Robert Smalley, Jr.
Research Professor
The Center for Earthquake Research and Information
The University of Memphis
3876 Central Ave, Suite 1
Memphis, TN 38152
901-678-4734 fax
office: 3892 Central Ave, Room 103
rsmalley at memphis.edu

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