[unav_all] IRIS Early Career Working Group - MEMBERS NEEDED!

Andy Frassetto andyf at iris.edu
Wed Nov 13 14:49:57 MST 2013

Hello All,

The Early Career Investigators (ECIs) working group seeks additional 
members to help drive its ongoing activities. For those not familiar, we 
work to engage with, understand the needs of, and develop resources for 
IRIS-related ECIs. Its full mission statement can be found at 

New members will help to guide the working group's ongoing activities, 
such as:

    * Distributing news of relevant opportunities through an active
      Facebook Page and listserv.
    * Organizing webinars on topics aiding professional development
      (e.g. Navigating NSF, Improving Your Powerpoint Presentations).
    * Planning mini-workshops (e.g. a long-lunch at AGU 2012) that
      encouraged collaboration amongst ECIs and senior scientists from
      many disciplines represented by the GeoPRISMS and EarthScope Programs.
    * Meetings at the IRIS 2012 and EarthScope 2013 annual workshops
      that included panel discussions with senior scientists in academia
      and industry.
    * Funding mentorship research pairings in which an ECI and a senior
      scientist apply to a travel reimbursement account to spur new
      research collaboration.
    * Fund-matching ECI Lecture program, which allows ECIs at IRIS
      institutions to give seminars at other IRIS institutions,
      particularly for institutions with limited funds or if the ECI is
      required to travel far distances.

Interested participants are encouraged to bring their own ideas for new 
ECI resources, and have the opportunity to develop projects requiring 
long-term collaboration with IRIS and the Educational and Public 
Outreach Standing Committee, including:

    * Building a comprehensive Teaching Repository (100 to 500
      college-level courses).
    * Constructing an "Introduction to Earthquakes" lecture series and
      activities accessible online for all to use, modify, and update.
    * Serving as guest hosts for "Quakecast" webinars - informal google
      hangout presentations organized by IRIS EPO on seismological
      topics, aimed towards K-12 educators and non-scientists.
    * Virtual community activities to allow for periodic real-time
      interaction amongst large groups of ECIs.

Pro bono service from members of the geoscience community has been vital 
to the continued growth and success of large NSF-funded science 
facilities, such as IRIS and UNAVCO, and with this note we hope to tap 
into the next generation of community involvement. Volunteers do not 
need to be seismologists, but it will help if you are familiar with IRIS 
and willing to contribute primarily to initiatives targeting the IRIS 
community. If you are interested in joining the working group or just 
looking for more information first, then please contact Andy Frassetto 
(andyf at iris.edu).

The ECI Working Group (Harmony, Danielle, Derek, Andy)
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