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Jaime Magliocca jmaglio at unavco.org
Tue Oct 15 11:12:16 MDT 2013

Subject: Trimble FTP push 

This is a re-posting of a submission by Rui Fernandes.  This is a known issue and Trimble is working on a solution, with the possibility of a fix in the next firmware release.

Dear Colleagues,
  We noticed that the FTP push at the Trimble NetRx receivers has problems when there is a large period without communications. After some time (not configurable by the user), the receiver stops trying to ftp the files to the server(s). This can cause that a significant number of files can be lost.
We developed a script running in Linux to solve this problem. It is able to recover all data still stored in receiver (but not uploaded with ftp push) using wget. If anyone is interested, please contact me and I can provide it.

      Rui Fernandes


SEGAL (UBI/IDL), Covilhã, Portugal

Glen S. Mattioli, Ph.D.
Director of Geodetic Infrastructure
6350 Nautilus Drive
Boulder, CO 80301-5554

mattioli at unavco.org

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