[unav_all] UNAVCO Short Course Announcement: Working with Strainmeter Data

Donna Charlevoix donnac at unavco.org
Fri Sep 20 16:01:39 MDT 2013

Short Course on Working with Strainmeter Data

Instructors: Karen Luttrell, LSU; Jessica Hawthorne, Caltech, Evelyn Roeloffs, USGS; Kathleen Hodgkinson, UNAVCO
Audience: Students and researchers interested in learning more about strainmeter data
Dates: October 31 and November 1
Location: UNAVCO, Boulder, Colorado

This 2-day course will cover the steps involved in processing strainmeter data. Participants will learn how strain meters work, how to access the data and study examples where the data were used to model strain transients. if your research involves modeling strain transients along plate boundary faults, analyzing the evolution of Episodic Tremor and Slip strain signals, studying the Earth tides, or strains induced by atmospheric pressure, seiches or the passage of seismic waves, then you might be interested in this course. 

The first 1.5 days will be a mix of presentations and hands-on exercises. During the last half-day instructors will be available for questions and discussion of issues particular to each participant's field of interest. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own data or examples of what they would like to work on. 

For more information and to register visit: http://www.unavco.org/edu_outreach/short-courses/2013/strainmeter/strainmeter.html
Registrations encouraged prior to October 16.

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