[unav_all] Mathematical Geosciences Conference, 7-10 September 2015, Freiberg, Germany

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Tue Dec 9 03:53:29 MST 2014

17th Annual conference of the International Association for Mathematical
Geosciences (IAMG2015)

7-10 September 2015 (short courses, field trips: 5-6 and 11-13

Freiberg, Saxony, Germany

[Abstracts due 1 Feb 2015]



Topics will include: spatial statistics and geostatistical methods,
compositional data analysis, numerical simulations under uncertainty,
space-time information systems, spatial data models and structures,
image analysis, remote sensing.

Other contributions on quantitative or computational modelling of
problems in Earth or Environmental Sciences will be welcome.

See http://www.iamg2015.de/topics.php.



The following contributions are invited: oral or poster presentations;
proposals for focus sessions or scientific field trips.

Acceptance will be based on short abstracts limited to 2000 characters
(about half a page).

*** These abstracts are due by 1 Feb 2015 ***

IAMG will encourage submission of presentations as full papers to its
journals: Mathematical Geosciences, Computers and Geosciences, and
Natural Resources Research.

There are  a number of Special Sessions that have already been approved:
papers for these special sessions can be submitted to these in the same
way as regular papers.

+Commemorating William Smith (23 March 1769 – 28 August 1839): 200 years
of Geomodelling
+GeoMap: Regional Geochemistry Mapping with logratio techniques
+Mathematics of oil recovery
+Medical Geology
+Quantitative models in marine and coastal geosciences
+Quantification of complex rock structures in 2D and 3D
+Inverse problems in the Geosciences
+Communicating Digital Geomodels – Methodologies and Challenges
+Directional Statistics

Further information:

Website: http://www.iamg2015.de

Flyer: http://www.iamg2015.de/iamg2015_flyer.jpg

Young researchers:

         IAMG2015 will provide special activities on 5 September,
grants, and awards for support of PhD students and other early-stage
scientists. Details can be found at http://www.iamg2015.de. 


Important Deadlines: 

31 December 2014:     Submission of proposals for short courses,
excursions and focus sessions
1 February 2015:         Submission of short abstracts of papers
15 April 2015:     Registration at `early' rate
1 May 2015:        Submission of short papers


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