[unav_all] SSA Special Session on Uncharacteristic Earthquakes. Abstracts due January 9

Jack Loveless jloveles at smith.edu
Tue Dec 30 10:29:19 MST 2014

Dear colleagues,

The abstract submission deadline for the 2015 Seismological Society of
America meeting <http://seismosoc.org/meetings/2015/>, held April 21-23 in
Pasadena, California, is January 9, 2015. Please consider submitting an
abstract to our special session on "The When, Where, and Why of
Uncharacteristic Earthquakes" (see session description below).

Confirmed invited speakers are:

Scott Bennett (USGS Golden)
Roger Bilham (University of Colorado)
Nadia Lapusta (California Institute of Technology)

Unexpectedly large and/or complex historic earthquakes, such as the 1920
Haiyuan, 1960 Chile, 1988 Spitak, 1992 Landers, 2011 Tohoku, 2012 Indian
Ocean quakes, among others, beg the questions: where might the next
uncharacteristic event occur, and have geoscientists underestimated the
maximum size and rates of these type of events? These uncharacteristic
earthquakes all ruptured through hypothesized segment boundaries that
appear to impede rupture during typical earthquakes on these fault systems.
Southern California contains a number of world-class examples of complex
fault systems – the southern San Andreas fault system, the Eastern
California Shear Zone, and the Transverse Ranges oblique-thrust system –
that may spawn the next surprisingly large earthquake. With this meeting
surrounded by these examples, we seek contributions that provide global
insight into the record of and processes controlling regular versus
atypically large events on fault systems. We welcome abstracts utilizing
the geologic record, geophysical data, crustal deformation models and
dynamic rupture models to shed insight into the behavior of these
potentially devastating large earthquakes.

Please contact the conveners with any questions.

Best regards,
Jack Loveless (jloveless at smith.edu)

Doug Yule (doug.yule at csun.edu)
Dick Heermance (richard.heermance at csun.edu)
Michele Cooke (cooke at geo.umass.edu)
Betsy Madden (ehmadden at geo.umass.edu)

Jack Loveless
Assistant professor, Department of Geosciences
Smith College
44 College Lane
Northampton, MA 01063, USA
(413) 585-2657
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