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John Taber taber at iris.edu
Sat Feb 22 11:33:32 MST 2014

For those who teach courses dealing with earthquake and/or sea level and flooding risk and resilience, the following workshop for undergraduate faculty might be of interest:

Teaching about Risk and Resilience: Sea Level Rise, Flooding and Earthquakes
Florida Center for Environmental Studies, Florida Atlantic University
May 14-16, 2014

Application Deadline: March 1, 2014

Preparing for or responding to an environmental disaster requires knowledge from many disciplines and real time interdisciplinary problem solving. The interaction between the extreme event, people in its path and the response mechanisms of government and business combine at one place and time. How do we prepare students for careers where they can make useful and valuable contributions that mitigate risks and increase resilience in the face of a growing population and changing environment? What do students need to know about risk and resilience? What foundational knowledge will prepare them to communicate with, learn from, and work with experts from the range of disciplines that are needed to address these problems?

This workshop will bring together educators from the variety of disciplines that prepare students to address natural disasters with those currently engaged in addressing these challenges. Focusing on case studies, we will share best practices in education to help students to understand needs of different stakeholders and to prepare students for careers related to hazard mitigation and adaptation. We will consider how partnerships among academia, civil society, and the business community will enhance both student learning and community preparedness. We will identify needs for curricular resources and discuss how to meet these needs.

See the workshop overview for details about the workshop goals, schedule, expectations for participants, and how to apply.
Cathryn A. Manduca
Director, Science Education Resource Center
Executive Director, National Association of Geoscience Teachers
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