[unav_all] AGU session: Geodetic detection of non-tectonic crustal and surface movements (session #1799)

shimonw shimonw at rsmas.miami.edu
Wed Jul 16 23:58:31 MDT 2014

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to bring to your attention our AGU session, Geodetic detection of non-tectonic crustal and surface movements.

Session Description:

Space-based geodetic techniques provide highly accurate measurements of the Earth’s surface and its changes over time. Early space geodetic measurements played a significant role in measuring tectonic plate motion and earthquake induced crustal deformation, which revolutionized the field of tectonics. However, with the increasing precision of space geodetic measurements, smaller crustal and surface movements, mostly of non-tectonic origin, have been detected (e.g., hydrological cycle). In many cases, the observed movements reflect a combined contribution of several non-tectonic forcing phenomena. Observing, characterizing, and modeling such non-tectonic crustal and surface movements enable better understanding the interaction between the solid Earth and its neighboring spheres: atmosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere, and anthroposphere. Furthermore, characterization and modeling of non-tectonic movements can lead to more accurate assessments of tectonic movements. In this session we solicit contributions that cover all aspects of non-tectonic crustal and surface movements including observation, observation methods, data processing and post-processing, interpretation, and modeling.

Shimon Wdowinski (University of Miami)
Tonie van Dam (University of Luxembourg)
Shuanggen Jin (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory)

Abstract Submission:

Link: https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm14/webprogrampreliminary/Session1799.html

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