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Jesse Anne Reeves jesser at stanford.edu
Fri Jul 18 11:01:33 MDT 2014

Dear colleagues,

We invite you to submit an abstract to this following interdisciplinary InSAR session a the AGU Fall Meeting (submission deadline August 6). Sorry for cross-listing.

Session 3175: Advances in InSAR Data Processing for Earth System Applications


In addition to its wide applications in crustal deformation studies, the Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) technique has been important and useful for studying almost all other components of the Earth System, including the atmosphere, biosphere, cryosphere, and hydrosphere, and their interactions. Despite using the same source of radar data, processing methods and strategies for these applications vary according to the distinct dynamics of these systems. This session focuses on novel improvements to InSAR data processing in non-tectonics applications (e.g., water vapor, biomass, groundwater, delta subsidence, glaciers, permafrost, wetlands, soil moisture, ocean current, etc.), aiming to promote sharing among different scientific communities on the use of this interdisciplinary technique. Studies using ground-based InSAR and data from recently launched satellites (e.g., Sentinel-1 and ALOS-2, etc.) and UAVs are also welcome.

Invited authors and their topics:
Tom Farr: Ground water
Delwyn Moller: UAV InSAR
Tim Dixon: Glaciological study using ground-based InSAR
Paul Siqueira: Biomass study using polarimetric InSAR

Primary Section: Geodesy
Co-Sponsor(s): B - Biogeosciences C - Cryosphere H - Hydrology OS - Ocean Sciences


Lin Liu, Jessica Reeves, Piyush Agram

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