[unav_all] AGU2014 - After the "big one" - Session 3538

Kyriakopoulos, Christodoulos kyriakopoulos at gatech.edu
Sat Jul 19 17:15:47 MDT 2014

Dear Colleagues, 

We would like to bring your attention to our  AGU2014 session (ID 3538), After the “big one": Integrated studies of seismic and geodetic processes after large earthquakes. 

Session Description: 

Aftershocks and significant amounts of post-seismic deformation, occur following large earthquakes.  The spatial and temporal occurrence of post-mainshock seismicity and deformation may vary with the initial source rupture, fault geometry, and other pre-existing features.  The postseismic period of large earthquakes has been extensively detected in the last decade with a variety of instruments and methods (GPS, InSAR, seismicity, etc.).  We invite abstracts that characterize post-mainshock deformation, including afterslip, poro-elastic, and viscoelastic relaxation.  We solicit studies that synthesize both geodetic and seismological results, including modeling efforts that attempt to reconcile both.  We encourage studies that thoroughly examine the spatial relation between geodetically-detected afterslip and aftershock distribution, aftershock activity and future seismic hazard, post-mainshock tremor and slow slip events, and studies that delineate the timing of when seismicity and geodetic locking both approach pre-mainshock rates.  Studying geodetic deformation and its relationship to seismicity will help enhance understanding of the earthquake process. 

Invited speakers: 
Shinji Toda, Tohoku University 
Aitaro Kato, Nagoya University 
Isabelle Ryder, University of Liverpool 
Tian Sun, University of Victoria 

Primary Section : Geodesy 
S - Seismology 
T - Tectonophysics 

We would like to thank you in advance for your attention. 

Christos Kyriakopoulos (Georgia Tech) and Jacob I Walter (University of Texas at Austin), conveners 
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