[unav_all] AGU Session: Illuminating factors that determine subduction megathrust slip style

Laura Wallace L.Wallace at gns.cri.nz
Wed Jul 23 09:10:51 MDT 2014

Dear colleagues,‬
 we would like to encourage you to submit your abstracts to our session "Illuminating the Factors that Determine Subduction Megathrust Fault Slip Style" at the 2014 AGU Fall Meeting, 15-19 December, San Francisco, USA. 
 This session is intended be an interdisciplinary effort to discuss  potential physical controls on the diversity of fault slip behavior  observed at subduction zones. We also encourage contributions addressing  the continuum of fault slip behaviors including aseismic  creep, transient slow slip events, and slip in great megathrust  earthquakes.
 Invited Speakers:
 Jean-Paul Ampuero (California Institute of Technology)
 Donald Fisher (Penn State University)
 Shuichi Kodaira (JAMSTEC)
 Thorne Lay (University of California, Santa Cruz)
 Session details:
 "‪Illuminating the factors that determine subduction megathrust fault slip style‬"
 ‪The subduction thrust interface varies in fault slip style, in space  and time, through a continuum of slip velocities from steady creep to  episodic seismic slip. Geodetic and seismological studies are  increasingly illuminating the distribution of these slip  styles, but the physical controls on the seismic style of any  megathrust segment remain elusive. Several competing hypotheses exist;  for example. observations and theoretical models indicate that slow slip  and tremor may require high fluid pressures, sea floor  roughness has been suggested to both promote and inhibit large  earthquakes, and high effective stress may either promote or inhibit  creep. It is clear that interdisciplinary discussion on how to test new  and existing theories is required. We invite contributions  from geodesy, seismology, numerical and analogue modeling, laboratory  experiments, and field geology, that address the rheology, frictional  properties, and physical characteristics that determine subduction  megathrust fault slip style.‬
 Ake Fagereng - 
University of Cape Town/Cardiff University
 Matt Ikari - 
MARUM, University of Bremen
 Kohtaro Ujiie - University of Tsukuba
 Laura Wallace - 
University of Texas at Austin
 The session is sponsored by Tectonophysics, and co-sponsored by Geodesy,  Minerals and Rock Physics, Natural Hazards, and Seismology.
 Best regards and hope to see you in San Francisco!
 Ake Fagereng, Matt Ikari, Kohtaro Ujiie, and Laura Wallace

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